The Plagazi® Process for hydrogen production is a unique method for producing pure hydrogen from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Auto Shredder Residue (ASR), car tires, Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), industrial waste, plastic waste, wood chips or mixtures thereof. The technique exposes the waste to very high temperatures > 3 000 °C in a plasma generator and converts it into plasma i.e. ionized atoms. The gas from the plasma generator is transformed into pure hydrogen (99.999%) in three sequent cleaning steps. The system is entirely closed and gives off no environmentally hazardous residues. The residues from the process consist of inert slag, suitable for the construction industry, recyclable metals and liquid CO2.

Given the recent ban on shipping plastic waste across borders and the landfill ban for plastic, many recyclers don’t know what to do with the plastic waste. At the same time, H2 is becoming a serious alternative to the traditional energy carriers. The plasma gasification technology brings together the world of waste management and the new hydrogen economy.

Greenovate Ltd is authorised to present and sell Plagazi hydrogen plasma gasification plants to interested clients and implement the related project development services.