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10MW biogas from waste
Biggest biogas plant in Ukraine

Our specialist for biogas - Ellmann Engineering - has constructed the biggest biogas plant in Ukraine for PJSC "Mironovsky Hliboproduct" in Ladyschyn. The biogas plant produces 10 MW electricity as well as steam and hot water from chicken manure and sludge.

Greenovate Ltd. collaborates with Ellmann Engineering to implement biogas plants from organic waste with a strong focus on separately collected biowaste.

Check out the flyover video of this impressive plant

The biogas plant featured in Ukrainian news


Greenovate Ltd has successfully supported a number of companies that have teamed up for a tender for the new Limassol waste management plant. The bidding partnership has formed a consortium that signed a contract with the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Cyprus. Under the terms of this contract, the consortium has designed and built an innovative facility for the sorting and processing of municipal solid waste (MSW) for the Region of Limassol. Using proprietary technologies from the technology providers, this facility takes in and processes approximately 140,000 tons per year of unsorted MSW. Operations of the state-of-the-art facility have started in Summer 2017. Subsidiary companies of the consortium partners operate and maintain this facility for a period of 10 years.

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